Citric Acid Powder – Plays An Essential Role In Health, Food & Preservation

Citric Acid Powder is commonly found in many fruits like lemon, orange etc. It is a low strength acid with formula C₆H₈O₇.

It is naturally occurred in solid, crystalline form and can be converted into a natural preservative fluid. This is the reason; it is widely used in food preparation, for flavoring and preserving your food.

It usually adds sour taste to foods and drinks. It also works as a neutralizer in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics as well.

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This chelating agent is used as an acidifier and is produced in larger quantity every year. The process used in its preparation is known as, fermentation. This acid can occur in two forms and they are;

Monohydrate form - This form appears when citric acid is crystallized with the help of cold water.

Anhydrous Form-This form occurs when acid is neutralized with hot water.These forms are interchangeable and can be changed by varying the temperature.

The Monohydrate form can be changed into anhydrous form by increasing temperature up to 78°C. The acid can be dissolved into Ethanol at 15°C. Moreover, this acid also works as a cleaning agent and is commonly found in many detergents and soaps.

Capture Citric Acid Powder   Plays An Essential Role In Health, Food & Preservation

This white crystalline powder owes a strong acidic taste and is highly soluble in water. These odorless crystals can be dissolved freely in Alcohol.

Make sure that you store this acid in tight containers and keep it away from high temperatures and humidity. Its primary function is to impart refreshing and clean tartness into our food and soft drinks.

This chelating acid also works as sequestrate of metal ions so that it can prevent development of off-odors and off-flavors in certain drinks and foods.

Key Benefits of Citric Acid:
Water softening
Cleaning Agent
Food Preparation
Food preservation

Many people confuse citric acid with ascorbic acid, which is mostly found in Vitamin C capsules. Both acids are entirely different from each other. Let’s take a look to some useful tips on how to buy a citric acid.

- First of all, you have to decide how much acid you need.
- Check out your local super stores.
- If it’s a canning season, you will easily find acid in the canning section of the store.
- If you don’t find this acid in your supermarket, you can check your local pharmacy or drug store.
- You can also find citric acid at Vitamin shop or food market.
- This white crystalline powder can also be purchased online.
- You will find different suppliers online who sell citric acid powder in bulk, ranging from 5-lb up to 50-lb.

You can find acid in all such places in greater quantity. Many products that are used in canned food are made from the blend of ascorbic and citric acid powder.

This acid is used in number of fields including, the preparation of detergents, plasticizers, cleaning agents, admixtures and much more.

This acidulant works amazingly well in variety of applications and plays an important role in our lives.

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 Citric Acid Powder   Plays An Essential Role In Health, Food & Preservation


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